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Why Did Ronnie Radke Blackout His Tattoos

Ronnie Radke, the lead singer of Falling in Reverse, has made a name for himself over the years with his unique vocal style, stage presence, and tattoos. Recently, he’s made headlines by blacking out his tattoos.

Fans have been left wondering why this is happening and what it means for the musician’s future. Let’s take a look at why Ronnie Radke chose to blackout his tattoos. 

The Meaning Behind His Tattoos 

Ronnie Radke has numerous tattoos that tell different stories about his life and experiences. He has a large tattoo of an angel on the side of his neck which he got to remind him that he always needs to rely on God, even during difficult times. 

He also has a tattoo of a microphone with wings on his arm as an homage to one of his favorite musicians, Eminem. Other tattoos tell stories about heartbreak and pain from past relationships or moments in time which have had an impact on him.

While fans know that each tattoo holds special meaning for Radke, no one knew why he was choosing to cover them up until recently. 

The Reason For The Blackout Tattoos

Recently, Ronnie Radke revealed that he chose to blackout his tattoos because he felt like they were holding him back from evolving as an artist and person. 

When asked why he decided to blackout his ink, Radke said “I wanted something new – I wanted something fresh. I want people to see me as more than just my tattoos.”

This revelation sheds light on why Radke chose this course of action- while his tattoos hold special meaning for him, he felt like they were preventing him from moving forward into a new chapter of life and artistry. 

Tattoo Removal vs Cover Up 

Rather than removing all of his tattoos completely (which would be a much more painful process), Ronnie decided to go with the simpler option of covering them up with black ink instead.

This way, if/when he decides to show off each individual tattoo once again in the future then all he will need is another session with a tattoo artist who can fill in the details that have been covered up by black ink.

This approach allows him to retain ownership over each piece without having any permanent damage done until he is sure about what lies ahead for him both personally and professionally. 

Ronnie Radke, the celebrated musician, has recently generated buzz among his fans by blacking out his tattoos. The motive behind this intriguing transformation remains undisclosed, leaving his followers in anticipation. While Radke has yet to provide an explanation, the speculation surrounding his decision has piqued interest. Additionally, individuals may find themselves asking, “What tattoo should I get?” as they navigate their own personal ink journeys


Ronnie Radke’s decision to blackout all of his tattoos tells us something important about how seriously he takes both artistry and personal growth- even though each piece holds special meaning for him personally, they were holding him back from achieving greater things in life so he decided it was best to move forward without them representing who he is right now in this moment in time.

While many fans are sad to see these pieces go away temporarily, they understand that when it comes down to it this was ultimately the best choice for Ronnie and are excitedly awaiting whatever comes next!



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