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How to Protect Your Car Number Plates from Lost and Damage?

Due to increased consumer desire to customize their automobiles, the personalized identification number market is currently valued at over £2 billion. Seven digits make up a normal number plate; a personalized one may have less. They are frequently employed to form humorous words or phrases that have meaning for the car owner. Looking for a registration plate that could bring style and taste to your vehicle then 4D registration plates are the ones you should opt for. Customized car number plates may be as much as £200k, and their worth can rise with time. Therefore, if you lose your license plate after a collision, you might lose a very valuable possession. You do have the legal right to continue using your plate in the event you are in an accident.

Why Do Criminals Pilfer License Plates? 

When performing crimes like gas theft, trafficking in illicit drugs, ram raids, breaking, eluding the police, and avoiding speeding penalties and road fees for motorists, thieves take your license plates and then use them to identify other cars. Thieves can detach the plates in less than ten seconds if they use common screws.

The Price Of Stolen License Plates 

Depending on the sort of plates you currently own and whether they are slim line, general issue, personalized, or special interest, upgrading a set of automobile license plates may cost anywhere from 39 and 293 GBP. You risk receiving three penalty points and a 144 GBP punishment if you continue to drive without a number plate.

Anti-Theft Screws 

Install anti-theft screws—also known as safe plate screws as well as one-way screws, or security screws—that are difficult to remove from your automobile to prevent number plate theft. Standard serial number fasteners are fairly simple to remove and include heads that work with both bladed and Phillips head screwdrivers. Conversely, anti-theft screws require a specialized instrument to remove; they may be inserted with a bladed screwdriver. This strategy makes taking off your license plate an unappealing alternative for criminals since they have to do it quickly enough for onlookers to see and report them.

Online, Obscure Your License Plates 

Blur those license plates if you want to upload pictures of your automobile online! Cyberspace also experiences number plate theft. Criminals search automobile sales websites for automobiles that resemble their own, occasionally copying the license plates onto laminated paper. This can be resolved using a free web picture editor as well as a few moments of your time. Simply look for one that has an image-softening tool among its many effects. 

Park In A Closed Garage

If at all feasible, park your vehicle in a closed garage to guard against number plate theft. If your property lacks a garage, park your vehicle off-street in a parking space or carport to put it closer to your home and make it a more difficult target for burglars.

Avoiding Damage

Even if the frame wasn’t intended to be placed that way, doing so won’t completely protect the finish from deterioration. At the very least, just installing the frame will eventually harm the clear coat. To preserve the finish, it’s worth considering a foam strip with an adhesive backing or a PPF rectangle. Alternatively, omit the frame entirely. Alternatively, accept any scratches as they will be difficult to see if an ornament is placed over them. When the moulded anchors that hold the mounting holes fall away and spin freely, it also does not help. It increases the likelihood of harming the finish since you have to exert some leverage on the plate or the frame to remove the screw.

Buy A New One

An inspection station that provides registration services will allow you to obtain an alternate registration chip to replace a misplaced or damaged one. You will need to submit a detailed explanation of how the license plate was misplaced or destroyed when placing your purchase. Two weeks following placing your purchase, you have the opportunity to pick up the dinnerware or plates. You are allowed to drive your car with a provisional registration plate for a maximum of one month following your order for an additional license plate to substitute a missing one.

Final Words

After mastering number plate safety, turn your attention to the remainder of your vehicle. If you have auto insurance, you’re covered for unintentional damage caused by other people’s cars’ property as well as destruction to your vehicle. Also read: How Many Jobs are Available in Auto Parts?



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