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Can-Am X3 Accessories Offer Protection for Your UTV

UTVs are designed to tackle challenging terrain and take riders off-roading. However, the vehicles must be protected from hazards on these trips. Knowing which accessories to buy to provide this protection is essential. The following are a few of the items offered today, although there are many others an owner might want to invest in to protect their investment in the UTV. 

Nerf Bars or Rails

Individuals who use their UTVs for practical purposes rather than off-roading adventures often find that nerf bars or rails are all they need to protect their rides. This side-protection bar is pretty basic and consists of a single tube that the owners mount to the UTV’s lower frame. They protect the side-by-side from anything that might strike it as it moves from location to location. 

Nerf rails and bars have a low profile, making them ideal for protecting the UTV from rocks, stumps, logs, and other obstacles that may not easily be seen from the driver’s seat. These Can-Am X3 accessories aren’t designed for just one type of terrain, so riders who want protection regardless of where they travel often choose this option.

Rock Sliders

When most people think of UTV protection, they think of rock sliders. Jeep and truck owners often opt for this protection for their rides because it adds style to their vehicles while keeping them safe from harm. These devices consist of two tubes joined by cross-member tubes, metal plates, or a combination of tubes and plates. This setup offers more protection for vehicles encountering many rocks during their travels. When traveling in a pack, a rider with rock sliders may wish to take the lead and alert other riders to obstacles

Rock sliders vary in shape. UTVs designed with function in mind, such as the Defender or Ranger, often have rock sliders that double as steps. They stand out from the lower frame. Mavericks and other sporty UTVs have rock sliders that offer additional protection for the bodywork. They stick up more and give rocks a larger surface area to slide off. Either style adds a touch of flare to the UTV. 

Tree Kickers

Most UTV owners do not need tree kickers, as they are a specialized type of protection. Tree kickers only aim to keep trees from damaging the vehicle’s suspension. Tree kickers sit at an angle and reach far enough almost to span the suspension’s width. With their help, the driver can avoid slamming into a tree and damaging a rear tire. 

Tree kickers change the way a person can drive their UTV. They can drive faster without worrying about damaging the vehicle and get closer to trees and other obstacles, knowing their ride and suspension won’t be harmed. Owners who wish to invest in tree kickers and tackle tougher terrain might also want to upgrade their suspension to ensure their ride can easily handle this terrain. 

Every rider must determine which side protection is best for their needs, as they know how and where they ride. If the UTV is mainly used to move around flat land with few obstacles, nerf bars or rails will be more than enough. The owner might wish to upgrade to rock sliders when more challenging terrain is frequently tackled. Tree kickers are only needed on those vehicles that regularly venture out to backwoods trails that see little use. Find the proper protection for your UTV and know you are safeguarding your investment in the vehicle. 

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