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Choosing Key Techniques in Rubber and Polyurethane Molding for Product Components

When a company has designed a new product, it will need a source for molded rubber and polyurethane parts to meet its exact specifications. A new product design will only succeed if all its parts are made of high-quality materials and manufacturing methods. Choosing a partner that can help with the design of individual parts through the manufacturing of those parts is essential.

When a New Product Is Designed

When a new machine or other product is in the design process, it may include many individual parts that all must work together to achieve the design goal. Many of the individual parts will need to move and work together. Some parts will be removable and some will need to stay in place. It will be important to choose the right materials for each part.

When the new product requires polyurethane or rubber parts, look for Key Techniques in Rubber and Polyurethane Molding that only the best manufacturers use. Companies such as Dynatect with a Ro-Lab Division that specializes in custom-molding projects for customers who require assistance with both the design and production of wear or specialty components.

How does a new product come into being? First, a person sees a need for a new product or machine. Then they put together a team to design that new product. The design or engineering team takes the time to figure out how the new product will work and all the parts that will allow it to function. They will probably make drawings of each part and how they will work together. Then they might make models to see if the design will work. Then, adjustments are made to correct things that don’t function correctly.

Manufacturing the Product

The next step will be to decide what material each component should be made of. These decisions will take into consideration such things as heat, abrasion, corrosion, speed, type of movement, and other factors. At this point, the designers will need to choose a manufacturer for each part.

The experts at this manufacturer work with the customer to find the perfect material or martial combination and techniques for the production of each part. The customer will describe the product application and conditions it will be used in, then the manufacturer will propose their solution with an initial design and production process. Next, they will recommend the polyurethane or rubber formulation and molding process.

The next step may be producing a prototype for the customer to examine and test. When final approval is given the parts can be manufactured in quantities for the customer to use in their new product.

Improving an Existing Product

In addition to manufacturing parts for new products, there is a need to make improved parts for existing machines, vehicles, or equipment. The customer can contact the manufacturer of polyurethane or rubber components to make repairs or replace components for existing equipment or machinery. Sometimes existing core materials can be salvaged with a coating of a polymer. Recoating instead of replacing expensive components can save the owner money and time.

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